Personal coaching and tactical advice

Nobody gets to become an Olympic champion without personal coaching and tactical advice.  Similarly, no matter how gifted you or your team are, to stay ahead of your competitors you need to be able to out-perform them at everything you do.

We at Bayard have been working with leaders and their teams all around the world.  We follow the trends and contribute to the global conversation and the future way of doing things in the area of coaching and personal performance. Our multidisciplinary teams can coach and support you on a whole variety of topics and challenges.

We see two main strands in coaching:

  • Personal coaching: helping you ride above the stress and to stay on track with your personal objectives and ambitions.
  • And Tactical coaching: helping you develop the right strategy for you and your team.

Whichever is relevant in your case, coaching can take on many forms.  After an initial conversation with one of our team, both you and we will have a better idea of what is needed and is most suitable for you.

Ensuring confidentiality

Because personal coaching touches the very heart of who we are, we have tailored our services in such a way that our clients can be sure of the utmost confidentiality.

We have helped many top professionals over the years and would welcome the opportunity to help you or a team member too.

What’s involved?

There are many types, styles and needs for personal coaching.  One of our more popular approaches is to apply what we call ‘A Personal Life Charter’. Inspired from Harley Lovegrove’s book ‘Making a Difference’, the personal charter defines the present situation, outlines the challenges to be overcome and then forms the framework to create a personal mission statement, objective and set of goals.  From there, a timeline and personal success plan can be created and managed to ensure a structured way forward.

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