Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

An important part of many of our assignments is the sharing of knowledge or management skills to our customers and their teams. However sometimes additional specialist support is required.

Ensuring confidentiality

Because personal coaching touches the very heart of who and why we are the way we are, we have tailored our services in such a way that our clients can be sure of the utmost confidentiality in the knowledge that if they engage one of our personal coaches they can be sure that what is discussed between them, remains between them at all times.

What’s involved?

There are many types, styles and needs for personal coaching.  Depending on the situation we can recommend the best way forward for the individuals in question.

One of our more popular approaches is to apply what we call ‘A Personal Life Charter’, this looks like a typical project charter, where we define the present situation, outline the challenges to be overcome and then together create a personal mission statement, objective and goals for the individual person involved.  We also define a framework and timeline and suggest a mini personal growth plan to help structure personal development in a clear and measureable way.

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