Strategic Excellence

As a strategy focused organization creating sustainable value

  • Design and implement innovative business models
  • Develop / challenge and effectively implement a winning strategy
  • Development of Dynamic Strategic Management Systems (Strategy Maps, Balanced Scorecard and KPI’s, Portfolio of strategic initiatives)
  • Business planning & review

Operational Excellence

Increase performance of the organization by breakthrough improvements and innovative solutions

  •   Assessment, development, optimization and integration of management systems:
    • Business process management: BPI & BPR, lean
    • Business excellence assessments & coaching
  • Develop and implement operational dashboards
  • Facilitation of project and program management
  • Facilitating change management and transformation management projects
  • M&A operational due diligence & post M&A integration projects

Financial Excellence

Improve financial performance and create shareholder value

  • Profitability analysis and cost management projects
  • Cash flow management and optimize working capital
  • Implementing and improving budget and forecasting systems
  • Implementing Activity Based Costing Systems
  • Developing and implementing financial dashboards
  • Optimization of financial structures, financial modeling
  • Valuation of companies

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