Project & Program Management – turning ideas into reality

Project a group or series of defined tasks that combine to achieve a specific result within a given period of time

Project Management : The process of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of the specified project goals and objective

Program Management The process by which two, or more separate projects  are managed to ensure a combined effect of bringing about a specific result within a given period of time

Project Management lies at the core of everything we do at The Bayard Partnership.  It is the foundation requirement that we expect from all our Associates because it is the fundamental discipline needed to ensure that once our customer’s problem is correctly diagnosed, that we can be sure of delivering a satisfactory solution.  Be it in IT, Sales, Marketing, Administration or Finance, the base requirement remains.

Apart from a thorough academic and working knowledge of Project Management, to be sure that a theoretical solution can be realized in practice, all Bayard Project Managers have the following personal characteristics:

  • Trustworthy and dependable
  • The ability to inspire others
  • Results driven
  • Pragmatic
  • Open to new ideas
Project Management