Enterprise Architecture & ICT System Design

There are several valid definitions of Enterprise Architecture. For the sake of clarity we, at The Bayard Partnership, have defined it to be as follows:

“Enterprise Architecture is the discipline that delivers the blue print of a business’s processes and systems in a format that allows them to be managed, adapted and further optimized in a controlled and efficient way. The intention of Enterprise Architecture is to support the realization of business strategy in the most efficient and effective way possible.” 

From very short (or part time) to long term assignments – The Bayard Partnership can supply Enterprise Architects and ICT System Designers with considerable knowledge, diplomacy, drive and skill. Our customers vary from small independent companies to large multinational conglomerates.

Our customers tell us that the reason they choose to return time and again to The Bayard Partnership is because of our unique commitment to their businesses and our determination to deliver results, no matter the effort it takes.

ICT Management