Who’s running this business?

“Who’s running this business?” was a live event telling the stories of three very different individuals that each, in their own way, have brought about radical changes into their businesses. (the battle for influence and innovation in the boardroom).
Comprising of a select group of CIO’s, CEO’s, CFO’s, Departmental Managers, Change Managers and Project Managers, the audience had to bring their own experience of innovation and the battle to have others see it in the same way as they do.

In modern SME’s it is classically the CEO that is the innovative driving force in the board room – new ideas, new vision, technologically aware etc. The CIO (if there is one) is often seen more as a technology implementer / project manager?

In multi-nationals, on the other hand, the CEO is usually the person that must steer his, or her, board (frequently a divergent group of experts and individualists) into some kind of common direction. In this environment the CIO’s role is classically seen as the provider of creative innovation but in their lies their dilemma. The CIO’s ideas are often seen as too technologically driven or radical, involving either too much risk and/or change.

The challenge for all boardroom innovators is therefore to convince their colleagues that change is absolutely necessary, without sounding desperate.
Our guest speakers were Kurt De Ruwe, Global CIO for Bayer Material Sciences; Cor Loots, chairman of LS&CO Global Operating Committee and Harley Lovegrove, Change and interim Manager, lecturer and writer.

The event took place at the Diamant Centre, Brussels and was upon invitation only and was sponsored by Citrix, Mazda and The Bayard Partnership

Who's running this business