Inspirational Leadership : a book, an event, a way of life…

After nearly two years in the making of his latest book, Inspirational Leadership, Harley Lovegrove deserved the right to celebrate this milestone with the people that have, in various ways, helped to make it happen. Therefore it was with great pleasure he invited business contacts, friends and family to the official launch of ‘Inspirational Leadership’ (‘Inspireer en Leid’ for the Dutch version) on November 4, 2010 at the Diamant Center in Brussels.

What are Inspirational Leaders?

Inspirational leaders are much more than great motivators, much more than just charismatic icons. In fact the majority of Inspirational leaders are not what one might describe as charismatic at all. These special people seem to have the knack of consistently making good or great decisions, they are able to take on board a wide range of parameters and to mould them into strategies with vision.

Harley Lovegrove, Interim Manager, writer and leader and Patrick Thomas, CEO of Bayer MaterialScience took the audiance on a journey on their definition of Inspirational Leadership. Dialogues, thoughts, statements and knowledge were shared at this very interesting evening.