David’s Dilemma

David, the CEO of Atlantic Lighting Co. Ltd, had a dilemma on his hands.
His business was losing profitability. He had turned to his board of directors and even his local bank director for advice but each one of them is telling him something different. To resolve the issue a number of interim managers had been briefed of the problem. They too, differed in approach. David decided to gather his board of directors together and to interview four of them to choose which one will be hired.

The interviews took in the Atlantic Lighting boardroom (staged for this play) the CEO and his directors used their experience to recreate a tense but inspiring atmosphere in front of a live audience made up of the other entrants, the sponsors, invited guests and the press. They were put through the toughest interview they’ll ever have in their life.

Our board room was represented by Jules Noten (ex-Massive), Chris Van der Schueren (MediaMine Next Generation), Cor Loots (Levi Strauss), Tamara Gielen (OgilvyOne) en Raf Moons (Fortis).

David's Dilemma