Project Management means turning ideas into reality …

Project Management lies at the core of everything we do at The Bayard Partnership. Outstanding skills in planning and people management are the two foundation requirements that we expect from all our project manager associates. We believe they are fundamental disciplines in order to turn our customer’s challenges into sustainable solutions; be they in IT, Sales, Marketing, Administration or Finance.

In addition to a thorough academic and working knowledge of Project Management, we look for the following personal characteristics in all our project managers:

  • Fun to work with
  • Trustworthy and dependable
  • The ability to inspire and motivate
  • Results driven
  • Pragmatic
  • Open to new ideas

Program Management

If the definition of project management is “the process of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of the specified project goals and objective.”  Then program management is the process by which two, or more separate projects are needed to deliver an overarching goal. The talent and skills required for program management are similar but not the same as for project management. With our program managers we are looking for people with a proven track record in project management but in addition, the ability to ensure strict budgetary control of multiple projects, resource management and risk control and excellent reporting and communication skills to management boards or similar.

If you have a turn key project whose successful delivery is vital for your department or business, then feel free to contact us to see how we might be able to help you.

Case history: “Blue ocean”

Under pressure

Our client (a recently recruited CIO of a large multi-national) was under pressure to dramatically reduce his annual IT budget ahead of a company flotation on the stock market.  At the same time, employees across the globe were complaining about almost every aspect of IT. The equipment they were using and the entire infrastructure behind it was outdated, slow and unreliable.
New technologies and solutions were needed to ensure better access to information, not just in the office but at home and on the road too. The problem was, there were no funds for acquiring new equipment or software licenses.

Proof of concept

Working with the CIO, our program manager approached the challenge in much the same way as he had previously worked with investors for his SME clients. By building a very small, fully working proof of concept, using only the resources he had around him and without any funding, he demonstrated to the business a glimpse of what they could have, if they pledged their support.
The business witnessed first-hand that what was on offer was not just better than what they were using at the time but also way better than what their competitors had.  The new technology would take them from last place to first.

Bulletproof business case

Working with the management team, a bulletproof business case was built, with arguments and reasoning from all sides.  Suppliers were selected for their desire to go the extra mile and to be a part of a truly ground breaking project.  In this way, substantial discounts were achieved along with payment terms that allowed deferments way beyond the normal payback period.
Financially the total solution made perfect sense because it could be rolled out quickly and paid back in well under three years, while it was designed to last ten.

Take ownership and deliver

A large part of the ‘Blue Ocean’ project’s success was down to our manager’s ability to interpret the innovative vision of the CIO and to convert it into motivational tasks for others to take ownership on and to deliver. On this particular project The Bayard Partnership supplied a program manager / change manager, an enterprise architect, and a project manager.

What I like about working with The Bayard team is that they are always thinking with us, backing up their ideas with hard work and effort to ensure we get the results we need.

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Author of Making a Difference, Inspirational Leadership, Transition, and The Change Manager’s Handbook. Harley is a renowned entrepreneur, project manager, change manager and interim manager.