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Project Management, Teamwork optimization

After working in various quality related posts, Wendy now specializes in team management and interim project management.

Product marketing and IT

Recent experience includes: Motivating and managing small project teams (2-10 people). Working with international business managers to co-ordinate and pull together the loose ends of complex international projects and to restore order and efficient priorities.

Wendy’s interpersonal skills make her an extremely valuable resource and project manager in any large scale implementation program.

Wendy is a graduate from the university of Leuven, where she studied psychology, she also holds qualifications in Marketing.

Languages: English (fluent spoken and written), French, Dutch (Mother tongue)

Bayard Partnership
I was one of the first people to work for Bayard. I really liked the team, they were people I could trust and have fun with. Also the opportunity they offered me was extremely interesting and challenging.
Bayard is special in that everyone is engaged in The Partnership. We do really cool stuff, such as our charity ‘Young Belgian Talent’ and our work groups and fun things like BBQ’s and Christmas parties and serious workshops and trainings too! Even though I am not always able to make it, it’s really great to know that these things are going on regardless. Bayard is not just about business and Bayardees are not your regular people; they have an edge, they have the desire to achieve things and are each and every one of them interesting to know better and to spend time with.
It would be a hassle to change and I have not even considered it. Never had a reason to.
Having spent a few years working on a really big project, it’s a little ironic but I don’t see myself staying working for the same client for years and years. I am happy right now because my current assignment throws enough challenges at me to keep it interesting. One day, when my personal life allows, I want to travel more for my work, to see new places and experience new cultures. And one day, when I am older, I would like to have something that I can call my own, something not about money, something deeper. It would be nice to have the feeling that I don’t have to do something, to be able to have an empty mind, at least just once in a while!
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