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Project Management, Enterprise Architecture
20 years

Peter is a self motivated and results driven person. He is able to learn and adapt quickly to new environments. Peter has a strong foundation in IT, most notably global SAP roll out projects. Special interests include: Integration and User Acceptance testing.

With his practical knowledge of business processes and end user needs, he is able to combine the requirements from IT with those of the business resulting in pragmatic testing procedures that deliver reliable results.

He is currently certified as a SAP Certified Solution Architect

Bayard Partnership
In 2009, I was working as an employee for another firm, at a customer where also The Bayard Partnership delivered their resources. I was interested in one of their projects so I decided to leave my employer and go for the opportunity to join Bayard as independent. It felt safe to start immediately with a one year contract for that project.
The biggest difference is that we do not work like a plain outsourcer, nor do we have a typical company structure. I really see us as a group of people who love working together. We rely on each other’s network. I like the humanity in the way we interact, very different from traditional companies.
Simply because I feel good. I never had any reason to distrust any of my colleagues. That feeling of trust cannot compete with gaining more money elsewhere. I found what it is important to me; trust, honesty and values.
Honestly, I have no idea. I am happy in my current situation. I love working in challenging projects. It is sometimes stressful to deal with solving complex problems for our clients, but at the same time, that’s what drives me. Since I joined Bayard, I travelled around the world and met very interesting people.
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