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Interim Management, Project Management
29 years

Nino Blanckaert is a high performing manager and consultant with 20 years of experience.

He has a broad experience in improving the collaboration between business and IT departments and managing teams from 30 to 150 people.

Nino is renowned for his excellent communication skills and people management skills.

Coupled with his strong program and change management skills he is also an expert in the design and gradual implementation of enterprise architecture.

Bayard Partnership
Even though I chose to become an independant contractor, I did not like working totally alone and so with Bayard I found a group of people that I could build my existing network on.  
Bayard is not like other out-sourcing agencies, in as much that it is not opportunity driven.  Because it does not employ sales people, new business only comes in via its reputation based upon the quality of work that it’s Associates deliver to their clients. It also has an extremely ethical group practice philosophy. Even in times of difficulties and discussions, that are inevitable in any business of this kind, we stick to our principles and whatever is best for The Partnership always takes priority over an individual's remuneration. Thus, no one person is ever bigger than the value of the whole. I believe that this sense of fairness and ethics are also reflected towards our clients, through who we are and the way we do our work.  
I believe in the long-term value of the Partnership and the benefits of being a part of a such diverse group of people with shared values.
Although there is no pressure to contribute to The Partnership in its events and activities, it is always highly appreciated when you do. Currently, because of the nature of my assignment, my career focus needs to be 100% on my client, however, I see a time in the future when I would like to dedicate more of my time to The Partnership and to the next generation of Associates coming through.
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