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Interim Management, Change Management, Reward Management, Talent Management , Cultural Diversity
18 years

Katherina is a highly focused, results oriented person whose trademark values are integrity, authenticity and team dynamics. Her background has been firmly rooted in the field of HR; reaching senior executive level in a giant multi-national. She has worked in a variety of industries and in several locations worldwide. Her feet have walked many miles in operations, but her head finds itself translating corporate strategies and guide lines into practical solutions. Katherina is comfortable working at all levels within an organization. She understands people and how to ensure their alignment with the needs of the business, from hierarchical, top down structures to complex multi-national matrix organizations.

Her legal background helps her to think fact based before looking for the best workable solution. Katherina works with a positive ‘we can do this attitude’, in a transparent way that is customer focused and sustainable.

Katherina is used to working in Dutch, French and English but she is also able to speak and write German and Icelandic.


Food & Beverage, Pharma, Consulting.

Bayard Partnership
I liked the idea of a group practice a lot, where it is easy to connect to 'colleagues' even if we are all independents, where we share knowledge and build a future together.
Bayard is a true partnership with a flat structure where everyone is easy going, very accessible and where everybody's voice is heard. Each associate can contribute at his / her own pace. We have a unique set-up to redistribute the benefit of our collaboration model. The group is open for new ideas and initiatives and stimulates you to come out of your comfort zone building on your talent and aspirations.
I stay because the partnership offers me a place where I can grow and learn. I can share my network with my colleagues and meet other interesting people from theirs. The network and the knowledge base of The Partnership is bigger than my own, so by being part of The Partnership offers more opportunities. I also like the fact that there is a lot of interaction between the Associates.
I see my future as self-employed but part of this group practice. I see myself supporting the international growth of The Partnership. I would like to continue contributing to the development of new ways of working, offering new solutions to our customers and participating to the transformation of companies and their teams. I see myself as a learning facilitator. I would like to spend more time sharing my ideas and thoughts through writing.
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