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Interim Management, Change Management, Teamwork optimization, Career - Stress Coaching
26 years

Katrien is a generalist interim manager with broad experience in operations, (after) sales, HR and change management. As an organizational coach she coaches individuals, teams and entire organizations in a holistic way. This leads concretely towards balanced and sustainable results for all parties by helping to create  insight in each other's needs. On a personal level, Katrien guides people to improve their self confidence and personal effectiveness.Katrien’s expertise includes: service management, change & project management, empowering & connecting people, business process improvement, interim and strategic management.

“Empowering people to get the best out of themselves is what really drives me.
Clear targets, effectively coaching teams to success and being able to read group dynamics helps me to realize my results and surpass my client’s expectations.
I especially like working in complex situations which have no immediately obvious solution.
I have worked in many different service industries, including but not limited to: insurance, HR-services and contact centers.”

Bayard Partnership
I saw that Bayard could be very powerful for me.  By becoming an Associate I realized that I was able to join a group of professionals that could act as a mirror; challenging my ideas and enhancing my knowledge in areas where my experience was limited. On the other hand, my skills in organizational, personal and career coaching are very complimentary to the the assets of the other Bayardees that I can contribute a lot of added value to the Partnership and our clients.
In a word, I would say ‘transparency’.  It is very comfortable to have direct access to so much, in-depth, knowledge. Not just on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ but also on the market; from the kind of assignments and needs of our clients, right down to pricing and day rates. When a new assignment comes in we share it and reflect openly on what’s required and who would be best suited to it. In addition, The Partnership also acts as my financial buffer, ensuring that even if my client pays late, I get paid on time
My fellow Associates, maybe extremely diverse but they are all authentic.  Each of them ‘walks the talk’ by putting what they say they will do into action. I genuinely feel part of a community. In our careers, our ability to invest time in developing ourselves varies according to our family needs and other demands. Within the Partnership, opportunities are created; such as to give trainings and to take part in congresses etc., and when you do, you feel genuinely appreciated in far more ways than just money.
I am only two years independent. I want to become more visible by sharing my ideas and experiences and to have them tested by people I trust.  At the age of 48, I consider myself still young! I want to develop new methods to help organizations to grow in a more fluent way. This new digital era is posing so many exciting challenges but many organizations will need some external coaching to ensure they make the most out of them. I want to offer them a complete framework and toolset to help them balance the needs of their employees to those of the market and the organizations for which they work.
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