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Project Management, Enterprise Architecture
26 years

Jürgen is a Senior cross platform polyvalent Enterprise Architect and Project Manager with two master degrees and a PhD in Applied Sciences and Engineering and is owner of the ITIL, Prince2 and PMP/PMI certifications.

Jürgen has more than 20 years experience in the most various ICT domains from Research & Development, over System Analysis and Technical Design/Architecture to Project Management for large scale projects.

Able to define & realign IT processes and applications to business requirements and strategy resulting in cost savings and more efficient business processes. Jürgen is recognized for his excellent analytical, problem solving, strong communication, reporting and facilitation skills and disposes of excellent team motivation/inspiration abilities.

Bayard Partnership
When working at a customer many years ago, I noticed this tight and competent team that were closely collaborating together. They managed to complete a merger in a matter of months where it would have taken other companies years to do the same. There seemed to be a level of close collaboration and trust between the team members that allowed them to work with a high efficiency. I was also surprised to learn that they took care of trainings within the team, something that I had not experienced with other outsourcing companies I had worked for. When talking to them, I learned that these people all worked in The Bayard Partnership. At the end of the project, the team asked me if I would like to join them. I was sceptical at the time, but the way how The Bayard Partnership collaborated was appealing. This was e.g. the first time that I saw such a group of specialists come forward as one team, instead of going through other outsourcing companies. The collaboration grew over the years, making it a tight bond today.
Let me put it this way: Bayard has a very high level of customer satisfaction, and that has always been my drive too. The partnership works with senior specialists with a proven track record and an overall professional attitude. Next to that, The Bayard Partnership Associates provide strong support, training and advice to each other, it is built-in into the partnership.
Before I worked with The Bayard Partnership, I worked with outsourcing company that would just place me at a customer. Many times that was the last thing I saw from that outsourcing company (apart from the timesheets). Bayard was, and is, the only partner that actively encourages me to have training, either in the partnership or with my colleagues. The partnership members create their own trainings, and will allow the people in the partnership and customers to follow these trainings and continuously improve themselves. Members of the Bayard Partnership also connect more often and intense than other outsourcing companies that I have worked with. The attitude of helping each other out spontaneously, is exactly the way how I like work. I discovered that The Bayard Partnership was the right partner to let my own ideas grow. I received support at the right time, critical reflection at other times, and the opportunity to work on ideas without pressure. Bayard provides a supporting structure that has persistently led to a win-win scenario.
Over time the relationship with Bayard has only gotten tighter for me, and I expect this to grow, e.g. through The Bayard Academy. At the same time I see that The Partnership has succeeded in attracting more and more excellent Associates that strengthen the company. There is still a lot of work to be done, and in parallel I have a few things cooking, together with other Bayardeers. There are quite a few things coming up, and I’m enthusiastic about getting them from the ground.
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