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Project Management
27 years

Jan has helped organizations improve beyond the status quo through a disciplined and pro-active project portfolio approach, enabling growth and transformation. His pragmatic style, enthusiasm and excellent communication skills, combined with his clear focus on quick wins, often serve as a motivation for other team members.

Jan has a knack for translating complex problems in smaller chunks that can be addressed more easily.

Over the course of his career, he never shied away from a tough challenge. By focusing on the required results and drawing up an adequate plan, he has succeeded where others gave up.

Jan has a solid educational background in engineering and economics and more than 20 years of business experience in delivering results to customers.

Bayard Partnership
I was already self-employed when I first looked to joining Bayard. What attracted me at first was they seemed to win very interesting assignments and had a powerful network which I could be a part of, rather than work as ‘a lone wolf’.
It has to be the generosity of The Associates and Partners.  Everyone is keen to see you succeed and they are happy to give their time and support you, when you need it.  Sometimes they step with suggestions and advice at other times it can be in the form of career coaching or even just a friendly ‘you can do it!’
One reason for staying is that being part of a group partnership means you have shared ownership. The share allocation methodology works well and is very fair and transparent. This means that you get something back from what you put in. A second reason for staying is the fun element. There is no doubt that Bayard Associates take their work seriously but they also know how to have fun. This can be seen at all sorts of occasions but most especially in our internal events such family BBQ’s and the famous X-mas party!
I am really happy where I am right now. I am enjoying my current assignment very much.  There’s still loads to do that needs to be done and I have a lot more to learn.  One day, I know, I will need to move on and when that day comes I am sure there will be other interesting assignments for me to choose from. For me it’s about being challenged with new opportunities where I can learn, grow and have fun.
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