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Interim Management, Change Management

Heidi is a Project/Change Manager & Consultant for companies in various industries. She has large experience in communication, change management, office management, public relations, business process management, strategic management, project management and business analysis, specialising in IT, HR and communication processes. She is a hands-on communication specialist with broad experience in various domains, ranging from the development of change management strategies, communication plans, the organization of national and international press and PR activities, to the development of business strategies, annual plans and budgeting. This makes her a flexible, studious and enterprising personality.

Fluent English-Dutch-French

Bayard Partnership
I first heard about Bayard via a friend who told me that they had some interesting clients and assignments. When I first got in touch with them, I really appreciated the way the Partnership was explained to me and after meeting some of the Associates in one of the Partnership’s training courses, I became very interested indeed. The training was very inspiring and well organized and gave me a vision of re-inventing myself into a totally new career. After going to a few "Get togethers" where I met more of the Associates, I realized that I felt at home in their company and decided to apply for membership
We are a very diverse group of people, with a very broad range of knowledge and experience. When working alone on a mission there is always someone there, willing to help me if I get stuck or need a second opinion. Just the other day, one of our Associates wanted some advice on how to re-motivate her project team after their star project had been suddenly axed. It was great to see all the ideas and support she received from her fellow Associates. It made me feel proud to be a part of the Bayard family.
Since joining Bayard my career really took off. Even my friends and colleagues have noticed how much I have grown on both a personal and business level. This is also measured by the fact that my day rate has more than doubled over the last three years! Apart from the one to one advice and coaching that I can receive, I really appreciate our group trainings, social get togethers, Associate weekends, summer BBQ’s, Christmas parties and being part of some internal strategic projects.
I see my future career evolving from purely ‘doing’ into more coaching and advising, especially in the field of company transformation. I see many companies struggling with employee engagement. I would like to deploy the skills I have learned in a new way, helping companies to become better at tapping into the skills and enthusiasm of their employees (and externals), making work more fulfilling for everyone. And I am convinced that some of my fellow associates will help and support me in this track.
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