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Guy is a senior IT project manager with more than 20 years of experience in administrative software development, implementation and project management.

After some years of teaching mathematics and sciences, he made the move to IT, where he learned the job as programmer and systems analyst, to become project manager.

Amongst others, Guy has been responsible for the worldwide implementation of a service management system, a SAP Project Management Office and the Change Management track of a major healthcare customer project.

He has extensive international project management experience and is known for his pragmatic and result-driven approach.

Bayard Partnership
When I joined The Partnership I was a project manager carrying out all kinds of projects but I wanted to work at a higher level, where people skills were more critical. I wanted projects where my focus was to motivate people to come together and move in the same direction. I realised that the Bayard Associates were working at that level and had the network that I could become a part of.
The Partnership is not big, so over time you get a chance to know everyone really well. Although we are a very diverse group, many of us have worked in the same companies, so there is always someone on hand with whom you can share your experience and gain useful insights from that you couldn’t get elsewhere.
I like the personal touch of The Partnership. I like the network and the fact that when an opportunity comes in, it is real and not just a potential lead sent out to every independent professional across the land. We talk about our assignments. We take great care to ensure that we find the right person to fit each one of them. By doing this, when I am put forward for an assignment, I feel respected and know that I have the backing of The Partnership and its reputation. It’s a good feeling.
My current client is always challenging me with new and interesting assignments; sometimes in HR, sometimes in finance or marketing. It’s so varied and the location convenient that I see no immediate need for a change. At 60, I feel I have achieved my career ambitions. I enjoy my work. I even enjoy the train journey to my client; I spend the time either preparing for the day or catching up on a TV series!
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