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Managing Partner Belgium
DISC behavior assessment, Teamwork optimization, Career - Stress Coaching

Before joining The Partnership in 2008 Francis had more than 25 years’ experience in sales & general management within the IT (HW/SW) services and consulting businesses. Since joining Bayard Francis has been responsible for contract & relationship management. He is an expert in DISC behavior analysis, a powerful tool for improving individual behavior and team collaboration. He oversees The Partnerships’ recruitment and Associate assessment process.

His professional passion is to ensure that our clients receive an exceedingly high level of quality of service from all the Associates and Contractors that we assigned to them, and that they in-turn receive the best possible information and support from our clients to ensure a mutually successful execution of all our assignments.

Francis’ key areas of focus within the Bayard Partnership are:

Recruitment of new Associates/Contractors
Relationship management of our Clients, Associates and Contractors
Contractual & operations management
Behavior coaching and counseling utilizing the DISC analysis tools and methods

IT services & consulting (B2B)

Bayard Partnership
After 25 years as an ‘employed’ manager, I decided to reorient my career and become independent. I found in Bayard what I was looking for: a good mix of driven independent people wanting to give their best, each of them trying to surpass their clients expectations. They were driven by a desire to to focus on delivery and quality, rather than a (political) career ambition. I also liked the idea of being independant but still working under a shared brand, enjoy the added value of working in a team and not being managed.
We are a true partnership. From one side we have our services to our clients and then there’s the fact that we are a group that interacts in an open and honest way. We each have influence and decision power but no hierarchy – and it works!
My Shares! 😉 What I was intrinsically searching for, nearly ten years ago, has been realized and is in the same time a continuous challenge for further improvement, therefore my expectations have and are been fulfilled and that’s a good feeling. Also, the effort I invested, and continue to invest are in balance with my financial rewards.
I see no immediate big change. I like, and see a need for, playing an intermediate role between our clients and our Associates & Contractors. I can imagine, in years to come, I will want to spend more time in a more supportive role, coaching others and adapting to what is needed by The Partnership at the time. My intrinsic values of keeping people together by making sure that there is a match between the needs of our clients, The Partnership and ones personal ambitions/values, is something I want to continue to invest time in.
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