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Managing Partner Belgium
Enterprise Architecture

David has a unique approach and vision. He identifies splinter new ICT technologies and architectures and adapts them to improve our clients end user efficiency and back end ICT support systems.

Driven by simplicity and maintainability, David’s strengths lie in his ability to understand the needs of the end users and to adapt them into working systems for the interim management team to implement.

With broad experience of taking the full responsibility for the design of the complete ICT solutions for every size of business from very small SME’s to global multi-nationals, David is able to blend pragmatism with creative thinking.

David is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) and a Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator (CCEA)

Transport, Pharmaceuticals, Broadcast Media, Public Services, Telecom, Retail, Logistics, Banking, Leasing

In his role of managing partner, David’s key responsibilities are strategy and internal systems

Bayard Partnership
Around the time The Partnership was being formed, I was working with a great bunch on people on an extremely interesting and challenging project. I wanted to somehow keep working with them and to do other projects like it and also with the same group. Joining Bayard was the vehicle that allowed me to do this.
As a group practice, everyone is on an equal level in Bayard. We are a very diverse group but we all have a common characteristic and that is to make a difference for our clients. The group practice structure allows us to have corporate marketing, business development and administration on one level, while retaining our freedom of independence on another. On a personal note as a Managing Partner, Bayard allows me to work on totally different aspects to what I do on my day to day assignments with my clients. From marketing to finance and governance, running a group practice means my fellow Managing Partners and I are challenged to take decisions that ensure The Partnership remains on a sustainable direction.
Apart from the fact that I enjoy working with my fellow Managing Partners, Bayard still fulfills my original expectations by offering me interesting and challenging assignments. I also like the people we have with us today so there is no reason I can think of why I should leave, especially when I receive my dividend at the end of the year!
Harley once told me a joke “how do you make God laugh? Answer: tell her your plans!” Well this joke kind of sums up my vision of the future. When I was 20 I thought I would become a Microsoft Exchange specialist; when I was 22, I thought I would become a Citrix specialist. So today, I will take the future as it comes, exploring all the opportunities that The Partnership can challenge me with.
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