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Interim Management, Project Management
26 years

Carlo Van Stichel Carlo is a highly experienced interim manager with a special interest in the topic of CRM, customer data, data protection and data privacy. He is CIPP/E, CIPM certified and also an experienced project and program manager with Prince2™ Practitioner, Scrum Master and ITIL Foundation qualifications.
With more than 25 years of experience of working in a large variety of industries, Carlo is passionate by delivering the best possible solutions for improving our client’s business activities, showing much attention for the relational aspects of his work by building bridges between the business and the technical communities.
Carlo Van Stichel joined The Bayard Partnership in 2007, becoming a shareholder in 2009. Today he serves on the Steering Committee of Bayard Belgium.

Bayard Partnership
I kind of rolled into it to be frank. I’ve been in the Partnership since 2007, as my first assignment was where several other Bayardees were active. Through discussions with them, I had an immediate appreciation for the network approach, which I expected to provide other opportunities when a current assignment neared its end. I have never been let down in that regard. An additional advantage I liked was the liability insurance that Bayard has, which allowed me to work on assignments for large customers that request this. As an individual contractor, this is hardly feasible.
What stands out clearly, is the knowledge and professionalism of the people in the Partnership. The relation with all Partners and Associates is professional, courteous and respectful. Not to mention that we have a great deal of fun together as well. I believe the commitment of the Partners also differentiates us from other organizations. There is a real drive to propose the right people to our customers, that go the extra mile to achieve in their assignments (and often beyond).
Despite having received several options to go direct at some of my customers, I remain committed to the long term opportunity of Bayard. I feel emotionally and professionally invested in its story. I highly respect the other Bayardees as well, and enjoy remaining part of the Partnership. Besides, Bayard’s approach (with the Associates and Partners) provides adequate financial compensation for not going direct.
After 10 years with the Partnership, I am confident that the trust will continue and that we can move forward together. I’m also looking forward to be part of the creation of the competence groups that were recently started. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll become Partner as well…
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