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Chris takes great pride in delivering simplification and transparency in existing processes and infrastructure, at same time reducing dependency on dedicated technologies and suppliers.

He has experience operating as interim manager mostly in an SME environment, as team leader of highly skilled engineers in both large multinational corporations as well as small start-ups and as account manager supplying niche products to large companies.

His broad palette of experience ranging from mechanical engineering to design and development of complex database applications as well as work flow solutions with a specific preference to using open source technology enables Chris to deliver smart yet cost-effective solutions.

Having lived and worked abroad together with his exposure to different cultures allows Chris to conduct discussions effectively in a mixed environment.

Chris' areas of expertise:
Process flow & scope intake
Reducing dependency
Database and software design

Bayard Partnership
I wanted to work for small businesses owners and I was buying into Bayard’s image and reputation in the market place. It had a visibility that I hadn’t and that was very useful because I do not like having to go out and sell my own services.
Everything! Bayard is not trading people or filling opportunities. Instead it looks for the right people who can genuinely solve their client’s problems. The Partnership never loses sight of its people, it values who they are and is always there for them. And of course their parties, the family BBQ each summer and Christmas and their get togethers!
I like to think that I can contribute something to the Associates and even the Partnership itself. I like to feel part of something that is sustainable and ethical. Nobody needs to tell Bayard what to do to be successful, it’s people somehow know what decisions need to be taken and what needs to be done. The Partners and Associates work together and agree on how to make it happen.
Helping younger people grow. I am re-training to be a teacher and this brings its own challenges. I want to move to China with my wife and to spend my time there.
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