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After a long career as an employed ICT Manager and driven by his ambition to deliver efficient IT solutions for the business Claudio decided in 2012 to become a freelance Project & Program manager.

Having successfully delivered as well software (especially related to business intelligence projects but also ERP), infrastructure as total IT solutions, Claudio’s vocation is to provide his services for any challenging project in which he can play a key role and make a difference in order to align IT- with business strategy, including defining the functional and technical architecture to fit the business needs.

Bayard Partnership
I share the ideas and concept of the Bayard partnership, and wanted to be part of the network. I believe a network provides a stronger proposition for the customer than an individual can.
I enjoy the fact that the Partnership actively involves everyone in the growth of the business, and the development of the organization. There is real collaboration between all Associates and the Partners, for the benefit of Bayard and all Bayardees. In that respect, it is much preferable to a classic body shopping company where you have no say in how things are handled.
As said above, it is the collaboration between Partners and Associates, most actively in our yearly Strategy Weekend, that keeps Bayard attractive for me. It allows me to grow together with Bayard, and have a democratic say in the direction of the organization.
In my view, my future as part of Bayard looks positive. I’m looking forward to continue to participate in different initiatives taken by other associates to further grow our business together.
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