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Interim Management, Change Management, Project Management
20 years

William is a Down-to-earth & getting-things-done All-Round Manager with a strong belief in structured approach and appropriate-level documentation.
His main value is a big picture view for keeping work on the right track, but able to quickly switch to short follow-up crisis-mode if the situation requires it (in his spare time, he is race director for car races).
He has a proven track-record in putting "lost" projects back on track.
He prefers a technology-driven development environment.

Specialties: making different-minded individuals work together towards the same goal; broad technical generalistic view.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
In the first place to get more involved in the Partnership. When I started as a contractor, I got to know the Partners and Associates, and after a while, I felt the “fit” with my own beliefs in how and what to deliver to customers. At that point, I knew the relationship would become long-term and the step to Associate was obvious.
The “like-mindedness” of not just delivering what the customer asks, but rather what the customer really needs. It is seeing and acting beyond the description of the assignment and delivering value to the customer in ways he didn’t even know there was value to be found.
Despite the common drive as described above, the Partnership is a group of individuals all with their own speciality and way of looking at things. The regular interaction we have with our fellow Associates and Partners, allows to keep an open mind and continues personal development. A recent example is GDPR: based on information shared by one of my Associates in our online forum and through a workshop, I was able to help out my customer with an urgent need.
I have no set path. I sometimes find the biggest satisfaction when solving a problem completely out of my original comfort zone. Given the diversity in Bayard, I’m confident the challenge of our different customers (existing and still to come) will keep me motivated in the Bayard family until I retire. As far as “retirement” still has a meaning in the current context.
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