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Project Management, Teamwork optimization, Program Management
28 years

I am English by birth but have adopted Belgian citizenship. I have lived and worked in different countries around Europe. I have a Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering from the UK.
I started as an engineer working for a heavy truck manufacturer in the UK as a test and evaluation engineer. I continued to work in the UK in different companies but always involved in evaluation and test for suppliers and manufacturers in the Automotive sector. Towards the end of the 1990's I became a project engineer, leading consultation projects from first customer contact through to completion of the test program and reporting of the results.
At the turn of the millennium, I moved to Germany with my family and worked as a production engineer for a large American owned vehicle manufacturer with responsibility for maintaining the cost, quality balance for all the systems in the door.
In mid 2000, I moved to Belgium where I became a department manager with a large Japanese owned vehicle manufacturer. This involved both management of personnel and liaison to the suppliers who worked with us.
In 2006 I became a Principal Project Manager for total vehicle evaluation, and lead many evaluation teams with sometimes conflicting goals such as cost reduction, performance enhancement and innovation.
In 2016, I retrained in the new General Data Protection Regulation and I am now a project manager and technical writer with responsibility for compliance to ISO 27001 for a global logistics company.

My specialisation: Project and program management and team leadership. Product development and innovation. Physical product evaluation and testing. Risk management and compliance (data protection and data security). Technical writing. Information sharing and technical presentations, learning. Performance coaching.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
After working as a contractor for a couple of years, I was impressed by the capability of the other associates and the types of work that they did. I was also happy so see how they give their time to helping each other. They made me feel at home very quickly. It felt natural to become part of this family, and I was very happy that I was welcomed into this group of colleagues.
Both the professional capability of the people who work there, but also the support that they give to each other. If I have a problem, I am sure that one of The Bayard Partnership will be able to offer advice.
Professionally, I am happy with the change in career direction, and I would like to grow my capabilities in compliance assessment. I believe that all that I have learnt in product development and evaluation and the skills of project and program management are also very valuable in ensuring that quality and security are maintained in a fast moving world.
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