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Patrick is a project and program manager with experiences in various industries. He has a strong affinity with business needs and combines it with a strong technological knowledge that makes him a “facilitator” between business and IT. He truly is passionate about Agile project management and has practiced this in several digital project teams. Digitalization is his second passion. he currently is a Digital Program Manager.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
I joined the Partnership in 2015 doing an assignment in the media sector. A few other Bayardees were also active in the same company. I had the pleasure of meeting more and more people of the Partnership. All of them were interesting, smart, nice, honest and “real” people. They all have different skills and different interests but they all share the same “mindset” and the same “passion” for doing what they are good at. That is for me the main reason to be part of this group.
It is its people. I would recommend each and every person that works for Bayard to my own clients, without any hesitation. As I mentioned, their mindset, their pragmatism, their integrity, their passion about their work, makes them valuable people for any organization that aims to achieve their goals.
Being part of a network of professionals has many advantages. It makes it easier to get introduced in other organizations. It helps in being informed about other opportunities. And above all, it is more fun than working on your own.
As an associate shareholder of the Partnership, I will help the organization in its growth. It is my objective to share my experience in digital projects and in working in Agile environments in order to develop new and more business for the Partnership.
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