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United Kingdom
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Managing Partner UK
Change Management, Project Management
20 years

Oliver is a well-structured, pragmatic, happy and positive thinking Project Manager who integrates easily into groups and teams from all kinds of differing cultures, industries and backgrounds. He is result focused and is able to formulate effective strategies to obtain what is required. He is not afraid to take the lead when necessary and is also happy in a coaching or teaching role.

Oliver is PMI certified and is fully versed in The Bayard Partnership’s ‘Applied Project’ and ‘Change Management’ methodologies. His specializations include IP security and fast track, complex project management assignments with a strong focus on people motivation and management.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
I wanted to break away from my employer. I wanted to branch out on my own but I also wanted to have some support because I knew that my career would become limited to my own abilities. In Bayard I saw opportunities and I saw people with knowledge that had already gone through the steps that I was about to take.
Bayard is like a 3D version of LinkedIn but much smaller! It’s the people that make it so special. The range of personalities and diversity is incredible in such a small team and although we only see each other once in a while, we have a closeness and community spirit that is hard to see from the outside. We look after one another and do whatever is needed to make sure we each deliver our projects successfully to our clients.
I believe that mostly, people do not leave companies, they leave managers or groups of people that they have no affinity with. So I see no reason to leave. Bayard let’s me grow and realise my future in the company of group of people that are a genuine team and community that I am proud to associate myself with.
Over the coming years, I would like to transition more into the role of mentor. I want to help others get the same opportunities that I received and still have. Like some of my fellow Bayard Associates, I want to spend my time working for multiple clients, rather than just one at a time as I currently do. Of course, top priority for me for the immediate future is to work with all the Managing Partners and Associates to grow the UK wing of Bayard.
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