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Project Management, Teamwork optimization, Program Management

At a very young age, Luigi stared developing software. He started his career working as a technical consultant for large companies and multinationals where had the opportunity to grow into management and lead a number of IT projects where he got the appreciation of his customers and his teams.
Focusing mostly on IT, his passion is data and business intelligence and finds easily his place in large mergers and acquisitions on cross-country implementations.
Pro-active and extrovert, Luigi is an active player of the companies strategies helping teams and individuals to get out of their comfort zone to achieve organisational results.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
I became an associate because I found common values and interests in good project management practices, as well as the fact that associates and shareholders are massive experts in their domain
Bayard is a special place where people can flourish and get the recognition they deserve. The most valuable aspect is the fact that each associate dedicates his time to the partnership to find ways to achieve and perform better, always in a sustainable way.
The main reason is the fact that we all share the same goals, make a difference at work and in the community with pleasure and good values.
The future will offer a lot of challenges for companies to keep their competitive advantage and the Bayard partnership is the network where they will always find experts that can support the definition and execution of the most challenging business and IT strategies. There is nothing more exciting than be part of this family.
How I feel about The Bayard Partnership and how I see the future

On my current assignment as a senior IT integrator at ING Bank and my career in general
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