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Has more than 20 years’ experience working in both the Public and Private Sectors in various roles within administration, client relationship, customer service, investigation (both criminal and private), business development and sales management.

Currently the Client Relationship Manager of the Bayard entity in the UK, overseeing recruitment, relationship management, contracts, business development and compliance standards.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
I had attended two Bayard courses in Belgium and helped with the launch of Bayard in the UK at The Science Museum in London back in 2015. At that time, I was employed at a large organisation in London but couldn’t help being impressed by the values, professionalism and warmth of the people of The Partnership and remember thinking then that I needed to be part of this. Luckily, I was presented with that chance in late 2017 and have never looked back.
As I have just mentioned it’s an organisation which is all about the people. We have specialists in many fields, authors, fantastic and enthusiastic public speakers; a complete wealth of knowledge and resources at our finger tips. Everyone is there to help each other and make sure we give our clients the best service possible, something that judging by our feedback, we consistently achieve.
I’ve never actually thought about leaving it and besides I have a mission to grow The Partnership in the UK, before eventually handing it over to a younger Partner.
Beyond Bayard, I’d like to say adventures in a campervan with my wife touring the whole of Europe and beyond!
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