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Change Management, Project Management
more than 20 years

Agnese is a Senior Project/Program Manager and Innovation Leader with large experience in the ICT sector.
Combining soft and strong skills, Agnese has developed over the last years a personal style of leadership resulting in a proven record of successful projects.
After her studies in Electronic Engineering and Artificial Intelligence at the Politecnico di Milano, she has spent quite some time in the Silicon Valley participating in the emergence of the new media and she has been working internationally focusing on the convergence of technologies: Fixed and Mobile Telecom, Digital TV, Videotelephony, Connected Home, IOT.
Agnese is passionate about Innovation and Design, Leadership and Collective Intelligence.
Fluently trilingual professional capable of handling increasing levels of complexity, Agnese combines creativity with pragmatism, empathy with determination to produce outstanding results and customer satisfaction.
Agnese joined The Bayard Partnership in 2007, becoming a shareholder in 2009. Today she serves on the Steering Committee of Bayard Belgium.

Working with The Bayard Partnership
Back in 2007, I was a senior consultant within a large Consulting company in Belgium. After 8 years I had the feeling that I could achieve more. My entrepreneur spirit pushed me to become self-employed and Bayard helped me to go to the higher level. I had the chance to meet Harley that was a mentor and guided me to get the first mission. Bayard became my professional family and in many circumstances has proven to care and cherish me.
I really believe that the Bayard model is perfectly fitting the new Collaborative Economy! Each of us is an entrepreneur, we build our own expertise and define our own offer, we develop our customers and teams, we collaborate and build win-win relationships with other Associates that share same interest, values, vision. There is no internal competition in the Partnership, we all work for each other’s success!
In the last 5 years Bayard has been going through a purposeful transformation: Associates share revenues and ownership, participate in the leadership and the business development of the Partnership. To be successful we know how important it is to strengthen our shared vision and ambition, our identity and our role in the market. Each of us is called to embody the excellence, the transformation and the collaboration that we want to see in the world.
My passion is about design and innovation, I dream about a world where people can live in beautiful and functional spaces. Such spaces are the result of a transformation that involves equally the ego and the soul of individuals and organizations. My mission is to lead innovation within companies and organizations in order to improve lives via the usage of technologies and resources. In this perspective, my colleagues at Bayard are a true sounding board lab for my ideas and creations.
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