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The Bayard Academy is our way of sharing knowledge with each other and our clients, it keeps us up to date and on track in the effectiveness of our careers. Above all it is about people, learning, having fun and growing together

In our virtual studio experienced change managers and project managers talk about different topical subjects. If you have any comments, ideas, or topics for future programs, please feel free to reach out to me, Kim Tureluren, via

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How do we get our people back into the office?

In this podcast, your host Harley Lovegrove raises the question: “How do we get our people back into the office?”.

After so long in lock-down, many companies are slowly going back to normal and management teams are beginning to encourage their employees to return to their offices. But will they want to?

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Social Distancing in a production environment

In this podcast: ‘How to keep our workforce safe while satisfying our clients, suppliers and shareholders.’ We examine the potential impact of social distancing in our production facilities and how to be sure our organisations can turn the challenges they face into some kind of competitive advantage.

This podcast is part of The Bayard Partnership CXO Academy program. An initiative where c-level executives join us to discuss important topics of the day.

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Podcast series on Managing Projects Remotely

In this series Harley Lovegrove and his guests are exploring the topic of remote project management and all the challenges and benefits it brings.

With so many people having to switch to running their entire project remotely it might be reassuring to know that for some this has been their way of life for a long time now.

Part 1 : Can it work?    – Read more –

Part 2 : GDPR and Data Protection    – Read more –

Part 3 : Planning, Reporting and keeping your projects on track    – Read more –

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