Interactive lunchtime lectures and workshops on various topics

We at Bayard are strong advocates of sharing our knowledge and experience. In that context, each year, we arrange a limited number of lunchtime lectures and interactive workshops on a variety of topics. Pure content and inspiration at the heart of your company!

You only need to provide a suitable meeting room and a light sandwich lunch. Our team will provide an inspiring 45 minute interactive workshop.

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“We hosted two ‘Lunch&Learn’ sessions, both were insightful and fun.
There was no hard sell commercial promotion, just an exchange of useful information which the team appreciated very much.”

Bee Vanhecke & Hans Rosvelds, Project Manager – Service Delivery & Project Manager, MIVB / STIB


Can Project Managers make good Change Managers?

This fast moving, highly interactive session explores the world of Project Management and compares it with Change Management. What are the key skills required of Project Managers compared with Change Managers and what do Change Managers do exactly to make projects more effective?

Planning for resistance

A fun and highly interactive workshop where the audience is split into two teams, one planning for the unwelcome change and the others planning their campaign of resistance. The outcome is a grand finale of persuasive confrontations right there in the middle of the room. Learning by doing is the key message of this and all Bayard workshops. (This workshop requires an additional ‘break out’ room).

Inspirational Leadership

What’s the difference between a leader and an inspirational leader? How can we become more inspirational in both our working and private lives
This thought provoking lecture / workshop explores the five characteristics present in all inspirational leaders. It invites the audience to dig deep within their own experience and to discover the inspirational person inside.

The power of great delegation

A master class in task giving & delegation – an interactive session suitable for senior directors, project teams and line organizations alike.
This is an extremely interactive workshop and requires a large amount of involvement from the participants. It is ideal for existing teams where people know each other fairly well In it we explore how people resist taking on new tasks – unless the input is 100% correct. We also explore motivation and involvement in task delegation.

Finding the hidden agenda

a re-enactment played out by the audience of a real life project management steerco situation. The question is – who has the hidden agenda? The role play ends with a serious look at hidden agendas and what harm and good can they have for our projects.

CHAGWA – Combining Change, Agile, and Waterfall projects

Lunch & Learn session on Chagwa

CHAGWA is a project management methodology that integrates different project management techniques into an overarching theory. It allows change, waterfall and Agile driven projects to be run in parallel, and provides guidance on when to use which technique.

Other Lunch & Learn sessions

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Presenters & Coaches

Invite world renowned trainers on Project Management and Change Management such as Jürgen Van Gorp or Harley Lovegrove, living right here in Belgium, to your company to motivate and inspire your employees on topics as mentioned above.


The first lunch & learn session is absolutely free of charge. Subsequent sessions, price available upon request. There is no commercial promotion of any kind as they are purely intended to share some of the latest trends and facilitation techniques that we believe can be useful for you and your company.

Every year, there are only a limited number of lunch & learn sessions available. Please feel free to request your session below and we’ll get back to you.

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What participants like about our lunch & learn sessions:

“The session was very interesting – The context is friendly – The lecturer is very intelligent”

“Focus on one topic and one tool.”
“The interactive part was good.”
“Scheduling Work in groups Exchange ideas & experiences”
“Enough time to eat and learn… good learn session”
“To the point/Not too theoritical – Good mix between theory & practice(of it)”
“practicing and trainer’s dynamism/enthousiasm”