The excitement of a new idea puts equally important things into the shade.

The acronym ASAP has been the cause of more slipped deadlines than any other word I know.

To stand back and feel content with one’s life is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve.

Taking advice from machines is the next giant step in the evolution of mankind.

The companies that will survive the digital era will be the ones that are able to turn an idea into reality, faster than their competitors.

Powerful communication is not about what you want to say but what the recipient needs to hear.

Expectation management is the delicate balance between motivation and credibility.

Rain is one man’s blessing and another man’s curse, rain is how you react to it. Nothing more or less.

Positive people are like very efficient batteries, they can hold and give off an enormous amount of energy but even they need to be re-charged once in a while.

When work is much more than a means to an income and when you feel you are making a difference, surrounded by like minded people, then you know you are in the right place. You are in your tribe.

With strong motivation and great project management, mankind can do anything.

Never choose your best work, you have no clue. Others always know better than you.

Success is relaxing in the sunshine without feeling guilt.

Prudence might be an old fashioned word but it still rings true to me.

Authenticity only works when you know who you are. Sincerity works even when you don’t.

Saying ‘thank you’ correctly is an art. Especially if you want nothing in return.

Your options are only as limited as your imagination and your openness to seeing yourself from another’s view point.

Predicting reactions is what us humans are good at, it’s important that we do not try to replace them with logic.

As words lose their meaning, meanings take on new words to describe themselves.

A clear sense of history, for how things came about, is the best foundation for every new change strategy.

True leadership is inspiring people to do great things, then acknowledging them when they do.

A good idea is not enough, it needs to be nurtured, tested and then put into action.

There is a difference between playing politics and active self promotion: Politics is the hollow game to obtain something more than you truly deserve, whereas self promotion is the open display of one’s natural talents and achievements.

Do not dwell on what might have been but work upon your dreams.

Listening is not passive, it is engaging.
Listening is allowing your mind and soul to empathize with the person that is speaking.
Listening is not about agreement or disagreement, it is not about what you think or believe in – that is a lecture.
Listening is about understanding where the message is coming from and the circumstances that surround it.
In everything we do, perhaps listening is the hardest of them all?

All inspirational leaders have two precious things they are willing to share; the seeds of new ideas and a vision of success.

Anticipation is the foundation for all good strategy.

A deadline is nothing without conviction.

Our ego is our emotional assessment of our own self worth.

Only when we step into someone else’s shoes can we really begin to see ourselves.

Every desire for change will be met by an equal and opposite reaction.

For every positive action we take, somewhere there will be a negative impact that at least needs considering.

If you want to get something done, ask a busy person.

Trust is the emotional key that keeps us believing in each other. Trust is fickle, trust is precious. Trust, once lost, is very hard to regain.

The most unattractive tasks are the ones that I know I can do.

You can compromise on many things but never on the vision.

Creativity is the thought of something that others can experience.

A trusted secret should be kept like a precious stone in your pocket. It should feel like a comfort, not a burden.

Only by exercising our senses can we challenge our intellect and keep ourselves fresh and alive.

No one is too big to eat humble pie. Sometimes, it’s better to ask for your job back rather than be unemployed and unable to make a difference.

We should never use our influence to encourage people to become like us,to do like we do, but to help them visualize for themselves the person that they can become.

I am not afraid of trying something new, only certainty scares me.

A polite ‘no’ is better than a thousand excuses for poor performance.

Become a part of the solution or get out of the way and let others through.

A deadline is a constraint that turns an idea into a challenge.

Diversity and tolerance are two sides of the same coin.

If I look busy, it’s probably because I am. So if what you’ve got to say is not urgent or very funny, please wait until tomorrow.

An inspirational role model can do as much for our self confidence as they can teach us about who we are and who we can become.

Success is being able to relax in the sunshine without feeling guilt.

To sincerely appreciate the efforts of another is to acknowledge that their life is good and has meaning.

A thriving community is one that is able to look within, while embracing opportunities from without.

Anticipation is the foundation for every change strategy.

A building with solid foundations is easier to adapt than one that relies on its internal structures to keep it upright.

So long as you can focus on both, it’s ok to see distraction as a form of multi-tasking!

A diversity of views is the life blood of creative thought.

It is foolish to believe that a well written contract can magically ensure that both parties can benefit from the failure of those that signed it.

Don’t let others define your personal boundaries. If you believe you can achieve something, go for it!

When an explanation, repeated more than once, fails to make any sense; forget about trying to understand it but focus on where it comes from instead.

When money is spent wisely, you cannot think of anything better you could have spent it on. When money is wasted, your head fills with missed opportunities and regret.

If you believe it is the right thing to do – do it.

Enjoying the things that money can buy is not a crime, however taking for granted the things that come for free is.

People say I am an expert. But I am only an expert in the things that once upon a time caused me a problem. The other stuff is junk or supposition.

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people who are more afraid of their pride than to politely challenge their leaders.

No one gives a dam about what you do for a living until they can personally relate to it.

To see the big picture you first need to climb a mountain.

The more one tries to be sincere, the phonier one becomes. Real sincerity comes from within, it’s either there or not and there’s no way I know to fake it.

I’m not an imbecile! If I was, I would know it.

There’s nothing like looking a complete and utter fool to reset one’s humility to a normal level.

Enjoy what you have. Wishing for too much more can focus you on a pathway of resentment and regret.

Success is leading your life the way you want it.

To truly open ourselves to new ideas and concepts we first need to suspend our own opinions and prejudices.

True independence is much more than just a definition of status. It comes from the ability to recognize choice wherever and whenever it appears and then realizing that we always have the power to take it.

The ability to see yourself through the eyes of another is a gift worth developing.

Time is our most precious commodity, once lost, it can never be re-gained.

Appreciation is the soul of motivation.

We build our businesses and institutions for continuity, so why are we surprised when they prove resistant to change?

If we were able to choose our dream team, it would probably result in disaster. One of the joys in life is to discover what you inherit.

Responsibility should never be seen as a burden but as a discipline to achieve ever higher standards in the service of others.

I would far rather be accused of being too optimistic, when assessing the abilities of others, than accused of being narrow minded and restrictive.

This is not my first recession and it almost certainly will not be my last. Sustainability is not a ‘must have’ but a moral duty to my stakeholders.

Never be afraid of making the wrong decision; but how to make the most of the right decision.

The secret to a happy life is to always look at it positively; to stay youthful in mind and spirit, making the most of each and every day and to learn as much as possible from those who are what you would like to be.

The desire to deliver a service that your customer will be grateful for is the same desire that forms the foundations of decency and ethics in business.

Screwing up is easy, re-building respect and loyalty after personal failure is the toughest challenge that leaders must endure.

If you feel that you may have missed out on something, it can only be because you wanted to be included in the first place.

Knowledge comes from books, wisdom comes from experience.

An unhappy employee can be the first symptom of a broken process.

When an assignment appears to be too easy to be true then it probably is.

When you’re young all the problems of the world are solvable. When you are middle aged, you have your doubts. When you are old you know better. That’s why the young ignore the old and the old smile back at the young.

Forgetfulness, after a long day, is nature’s way to tell you to slow down.

The faults we see in others are only a reflection of those we recognise in ourselves.

When you can no longer see any other possibility to cutback further, think and re-think about what it is you want to achieve.

A coat of fresh paint and some tender loving care is often the only difference between a prison and a safe refuge.

Hard work coupled with ability always produces results; whereas working too hard when too tired will often undo the achievements that the hard work delivered.

Coming up with outstanding change management strategies day after day takes a great deal of energy. It costs in time, perspective and patience. But not doing so costs much, much more.

There are no more important decisions in life than who you marry and who you go into business with.

Although our journey through life is our own, it is only by sharing it that we benefit from its riches.

Today’s activities are tomorrow’s management report.

Just as matter cannot be created or destroyed and because change is the transformation from one state into another, then there is nothing in the new state that did not come out of the old one.

It’s all too easy to blame the person you interact with. Often the real blame is far, far behind them – so far that even they are oblivious as to why they are not having ‘a good day.

Grey is lovely colour but only when accentuated by bright colours like reds or yellows or oranges or greens.

Success is not simply a question of avoiding obstacles but more a way of discovering hidden pathways to new opportunities.

Opinions without solutions are the enemy of pragmatism.