As I head towards the year end, on top of all the other stuff I am doing, I am clearing my life of all unnecessary complexity. When I say life, I mean business life.  Not only am I cleaning up data, I am cleaning up my actual businesses too. When I last counted I had 9 VAT numbers that I was responsible for! And although I am not the sole director of four of them, it still leaves a bunch over that need governance and managing.  So I am simplifying things. I am reducing the number of credit cards and [...]

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It’s always necessary to speak the truth but…

Like most people, having been brought up always to tell the truth, I learnt quite early on just how tricky it can be. Later, in my younger adult years, I became a Quaker and speaking ‘truth to power’ was considered an important foundation.  In fact, Quakers have, for centuries, had the right to refuse to swear on the bible when giving evidence in a court of law, asserting that their ‘word’ is sufficient. However, as we all know speaking the truth can be almost impossible (or even foolish) at times.  Therefore, it was with light relief that I heard the [...]

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Predictability makes us vulnerable

I think no matter how much of an individual we like to think we are, we are all predictable. Our lives are so busy and perhaps even complicated, that we uncomplicate it with routine. Our predictability makes us vulnerable to being exploited and its actually harder than one might think, to not be predictable. Every person reading this blog will have, at some point, had to create and remember a password or a PIN, perhaps even several. IT security experts will tell us to never use the same password and to change them regularly. Banks especially advise us not to [...]

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Help for those who want to slow things down a bit!

I don’t know about you but time is really speeding up for me. It seems like every time I turn around, another three months have got behind me, almost as soon as they’ve begun. The heady days of childhood summers that seemed to last forever are long gone.  Or perhaps not?  If the world-renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman is to be believed, you can make this year’s summer holiday much longer by slowing down time, now isn’t that a thought? Professor Eagleman had the unfortunate childhood experience of falling off a roof and badly hurting himself.  Waking up in hospital, he [...]

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The nature of change

When I was growing up I was fascinated by how things worked and why things were the way they were, as indeed I am still today.  My schoolteachers did a good job in framing my approach to learning. I was taught that mathematics and science were the most important subjects because they dealt in facts and not ambiguity. I was also taught that history was more important than art because it too was factual. The examinations my teachers set me consisted of a number of questions which needed to be answered in a given period of time and in an [...]

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