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Organising and working from your home office

Many years ago, it must have been 1989, I started a job as a freelance researcher, working remotely from my home office. The technology was a lot different from now, but I had a boss that invested heavily in it and had eighty per cent of his staff working from their homes. Here are some points I found to have been essential to keep remote working up for such a length of time. Office and family Have a space for your office where you can work without being disturbed. Have the discipline to work the agreed amount of time within [...]


Of all the articles of clothing, it’s shoes that challenge me the most when it comes to choice. For one, they must be comfortable, secondly, they must be smart and three, they must be safe and suitable for the occasion. Ask any hiker, biker, dancer or baker how important their footwear is, and I am sure they will be aligned with me, and no doubt you too? Last year, a very inspiring woman passed away, her name was Wanda Ferragamo-Miletti. She was the wife of Salvatore Ferragamo, the famous Italian shoemaker.  Like most entrepreneurs, Salvatore became successful by coupling extreme [...]

Life is like a joke

Let me begin by telling you a joke. A man goes to the vet and says “doctor, doctor my dog has no nose.” “How does he smell?” “Awful!” (Sorry about that but stick with me on this).  Life is like a joke because: It attracts our attention ‘A man goes to the vet.’ We feel sympathy for the man, obviously something is wrong. It introduces us to new and surprising things: “the dog has no nose.” Just like the vet, we want to know more “How does he smell?” This is a perfectly good and rational question, just what we [...]

Summer exodus

July 1, in Belgium heralds the beginning of the great summer exodus. Loaded cars with expectant passengers emerge from garages at unearthly hours; making their way to the network of motorways and their holiday destinations. Most in search of sun, but by no means all. And for those of us left behind, a welcome calm settles over the land. Even rush hour roads are pleasantly quiet, destinations reached in reasonable time. Shops seem too big for purpose, their windows cluttered with discount sales stickers crying out to almost empty streets.  How wonderful!  Only the ice cream vendors and street-side cafe's [...]

Sisyphus and a massage for the brain

When we sleep we cache in our brain files away the clutter and prepares itself ready for the following day. How we decide to fill that day is only for a very small part decided by us. Albert Camus in his 1942 novel, The Mythe of Sisyphus, considers our futile search for meaning, drawing on Sisyphus’s daily task of having to push a boulder up a hill only for it to roll back down while he sleeps.  For those of us working for an employer, I believe that meaning can only be found in the lowest content level of what [...]