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The effect we have on others

There’s a big ship leaving harbour, as she sails out into the sunset, sea birds follow in her wake, ducking and diving behind her. When I look back on my life so far, I think of the things I have done, the things I have said or written and indeed, the things I should have said and written. I think of situations, moments in time, scattered along my life, like ports of harbour along the way.  But rarely do I reflect on the wake I made and the effect it must have had on others. I believe each of us [...]

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Life is like a joke

Let me begin by telling you a joke. A man goes to the vet and says “doctor, doctor my dog has no nose.” “How does he smell?” “Awful!” (Sorry about that but stick with me on this).  Life is like a joke because: It attracts our attention ‘A man goes to the vet.’ We feel sympathy for the man, obviously something is wrong. It introduces us to new and surprising things: “the dog has no nose.” Just like the vet, we want to know more “How does he smell?” This is a perfectly good and rational question, just what we [...]

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Where are you right now?

Ambition can be a blessing, forever pushing one on to higher ground. But it can also be a curse, the constant striving to reach the next goal can sometimes mean that we do not fully appreciate where we are. Here’s a story to illustrate what I mean. A man in his mid-forties was going through a tough time at work and at home, so he decided to take a few weeks off to embark on a solo cycling trip from Brussels to Santiago di Compostela. He cycled the length of France, and headed into northern Spain, all was going fine. [...]

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How to unlock a narrow-minded person

I like to think that I am open minded, but I know that there are certain areas where I am far from being so. Take music for example.  From the days of Focus and German electro pop, right through the nineties and up to yesterday morning, I was not at all open to any kind of music that was not played on conventional instruments. But last night I was listening to a podcast about a musician called Richard David James, or ‘Aphex Twin’ as he is better known by many.  I gave it a few minutes, decided I was too [...]

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Summer exodus

July 1, in Belgium heralds the beginning of the great summer exodus. Loaded cars with expectant passengers emerge from garages at unearthly hours; making their way to the network of motorways and their holiday destinations. Most in search of sun, but by no means all. And for those of us left behind, a welcome calm settles over the land. Even rush hour roads are pleasantly quiet, destinations reached in reasonable time. Shops seem too big for purpose, their windows cluttered with discount sales stickers crying out to almost empty streets.  How wonderful!  Only the ice cream vendors and street-side cafe's [...]

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