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The Fool

I am not turning into Mystic Meg but I do believe that some of the things that we might think of as new like, ‘leaving our comfort zone’ are just modern ways of expressing aspects of our lives that have been around since the beginning of time. Take for example ‘The Fool’ from the Tarot, which dates back to the early 15th. century. The card depicts an extremely powerful image of periods of our lives that all of us have to go through. Today my father-in-law is moving into an old people’s home, it’s a giant step after living his [...]

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I wonder what the word ‘Mastermind’ means to you? For some it may bring back memories of placing coloured pegs into round holes, to break codes. For others, it might be a TV quiz show. For me however, it means something completely different. Imagine you have an important problem, the classic approach to solving it is to find a colleague or friend to turn to for advice. Although this trusted method can work, for complex problems there is a much better way – one that only takes an hour to kick off.  We at Bayard call it ‘Mastermind’ but other [...]

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Please don’t put me in a box

Millennials, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, Sloane Rangers, Yuppies, like it or not and… I do not, we have a need to put people in to boxes. I have had a varied career, including time in the Police and the Military, but I do not talk about myself as being, ‘ex-military’ or ‘ex-police’. Except for the odd blog here and there, I hardly ever mention it. Most of the people in my social and work circle, have no idea about my past, and any police or military history is more likely to be brought up in a conversation by [...]

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You can’t find motivated people anymore

I had supper last week with someone who tried to have me agree with him that you can’t find motivated people anymore.  Perhaps I was a little hard in my response. It isn’t hard to find motivated people –  it’s impossible. I'll tell you why. Humans are not naturally motivated.  Someone who is motivated for no reason has most likely been incorrectly diagnosed as motivated instead of ‘happy’. And why am I saying this?  Because, although some people are easier motivated than others, we need an idea or reason or  vision to become motivated. On the most basic level, we have [...]

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Spreading one’s butter too thinly

There’s one thing I know I can rightly be accused of, trying to share my time across too many activities.  And it’s strange because these days, on paper, I have plenty of free time. Self-diagnosis confronts me with two likely causes:  1. I am interested in everything.  2. I hate to say ‘no’.  But I am sure I am not the only one? Some people tell me I am not normal, this may be true but is it bad to have multiple projects at the same time, after all I hardly ever watch TV? If we take the common three [...]

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