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Career options & backup plans

Every day I meet someone who is going through a big career change.  Some are doing so out of their own choice, as part of a ‘big plan’ while others are doing so out of necessity due to an imposed change. Having once thought it was for life, the corporates they once worked for have new plans which don’t include them.  Their profiles no longer fitting or in the wrong geographic location. It’s in these situations when the big questions of life ring louder and truer than ever. “What’s it all for? Why are we here? Where am I headed?”  [...]


Where you are and where you want to be

I believe that, unlike happiness, contentment is rather easy to measure, one just seems to ‘know’ if one is content or not. And unlike happiness, inner contentment remains, more or less constant. Content with one’s life, with one’s position, with one’s partner, content in general. This week, I was wondering what it is that defines contentment.  After a little research, I came to the conclusion that contentment is the simple comparison of where you are with where you want to be.  The tricky point emerges, however, with whose vision of success are we aspiring to? I believe that just like [...]


Don’t be afraid of the rain

There probably was a time, a long, long time ago (perhaps even before you went to school) that when it rained your parents would probably try to rush you into the dry while you would want to stay outside and thoroughly enjoy it? Splashing in puddles, laughing at the reflections in the water, staring up into the clouds, watching the raindrops fall and feeling them splash upon your face, even trying to catch one or two on the tip of your tongue? Life was so much simpler then. Or was it?  When you wanted something you wanted it right there [...]


Embarrassing moments!

Come on, be honest with yourself... we’ve all had at least one or two embarrassing moments in our professional careers. You know what I mean, the moments when you said, or did, something so wrong, so personally embarrassing that you just wanted the floor to open and to swallow you up whole? I have a few that I can think of and maybe one day, I’ll feel ready to share some of them. The weird thing is that some of them happened so long ago and yet sometimes in the early hours of the morning, somewhere between asleep and awake, [...]

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Three delicious meals

I think it is no secret that I am blessed to be married with someone who enjoys cooking.  Over the Easter weekend my wife prepared three spectacular meals in a row. I was blown away by the first, staggered by the second and enchanted by the third, so you can imagine when she asked which one I would like her to cook again one day, I took no hesitation in saying ‘all three!’ However, as is my custom, I turned her question around. ‘Which of the three did you enjoy the most?’ and although she found it hard to decide (liking [...]