Our future is circular

Are you happy in your organisational box? Or have you left it for a network, or a community, or even a tribe? Last Thursday, I had the pleasure to speak about the future of our organisational boxes at our  recent Partnership event 'Digital Transformation: what's next?’ A few years ago many people started to ‘think out of the box’ but now I say it’s time to jump out of our organizational boxes. After all, who likes to be put in a box, especially an organizational one? However, still today, many companies draw their organisational boxes and put their employees into [...]

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Please don’t put me in a box

Millennials, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, Sloane Rangers, Yuppies, like it or not and… I do not, we have a need to put people in to boxes. I have had a varied career, including time in the Police and the Military, but I do not talk about myself as being, ‘ex-military’ or ‘ex-police’. Except for the odd blog here and there, I hardly ever mention it. Most of the people in my social and work circle, have no idea about my past, and any police or military history is more likely to be brought up in a conversation by [...]

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The confidence of youth – embrace it!

I would like to share with you two stories about why I like having young people around me. My first story takes place back in the summer of 1977. I am 20 years old and it’s my first day working for a large recruitment company in London.  I am sitting near the back of a room crammed full of metal chairs, there must twenty wide and at least thirty deep.  On every one of them sits a newbie like me.  We are paying extremely close attention to the lady on the podium. She is large, large in every respect; she is intimidating, purposeful, [...]

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Hard business

I was in London at a HiFi trade show this weekend, talking with a colleague about a business leader we have both admired for several decades. Realising that the person in question must be in his mid to late seventies, we looked back at his successes and made a kind of mental list of what we thought it was that made him stand out from the crowd. We agreed on the following: He is extremely likeable. With a broad grin, his smile always disarms you. He always remembers a name – even after years of absence. He always had (and [...]

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Managing expectations – ask your dentist!

I remember my first assignment as a change manager for a large multi-national.  Apart from struggling with getting a grip on exactly who my stakeholders were and where I could find them, I managed to quite quickly get myself into a spot of bother with regards expectation management. It’s important for this story to know that I am an optimist, if there is a chance of something going right, then, why wouldn’t it? And while my optimism worked fine in small organizations; surrounded by highly intelligent, very motivated engineers who, like me, simply loved a challenge. The same couldn’t be [...]

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