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I don’t like Freelancers

To put it in perspective, I don’t like the term “Freelance”. Too many people incorrectly interpret this as “a not-loyal job-hopper that will leave as soon as a better offer pops up.” I much more prefer the term “Independent Contractor.” Contrary to what is thought, a Contractor needs to have a very high level of loyalty towards the customer. The Contractor is there to solve a specific problem and needs to deliver the highest quality possible. In case of any lapse in performance, the assignment can quickly be terminated. This is not usually the case with employee contracts in most [...]

The coffee machine is not working properly

I spend a lot of my time in business trying to get people to see the advantage of truly working together. A conversation at the coffee machine the other week, summed up nicely where I think there is room for improvement. “The coffee machine is not working properly. The screen says the cup is full but when I remove it, it is barely more than a third full.” Said my disgruntled colleague. “What do you think the problem is?” I asked, knowing him to be an engineer by training. “It’s definitely a hardware problem, that’s obvious”. He said. “I am [...]

Who can be your Data Protection Superman/Superwoman ?

In the past weeks several communications via different media, blogs, … were addressing the need of thousands of Data Protection Officers (DPOs) across Europe for the coming year to ensure organizations' compliance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a quest like none before ... At the same time the debate went on discussing the qualifications this person would need to show. The discussions between those that approach this question from a legal point of view (where the quest is originating) and those that see the resolution coming from within the technical departments of the organization (where part of the [...]

Two patients but which one needs treatment?

An experienced doctor showed his young trainees two x-rays, one showing serious damage and deterioration to the hip and another showing only minor wear.  He asked “which of these x-rays belongs to my patient complaining of severe hip pain”? The young doctors looked at each other as if the professor was thinking they were totally ignorant.  One of the more outward students replied “the one with the severe damage of course”. “Wrong” said the professor, “the X-ray with the severe deterioration belongs to an athlete who is still extremely fit and complains of nothing. No it’s the hip with minor [...]

Damn! We forgot about Jane

In some companies it’s getting better, I think perhaps it’s more a psychological thing, rather than deliberate negligence but I am talking about forgetting people that are not physically present. Many of us work offsite once in a while, be it from home or from another company location. And while we are away it can be as if we no longer exist. I heard an interesting case this week of a midwife called Jane. Jane had gained some considerable experience and built up a good reputation among her peers and bosses. However, while she was on pregnancy leave, her immediate [...]