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How many hours do you work a week?

Once upon a time this was a simple question to answer, you started at a given hour and finished at a given hour, deducted an hour for lunch and twenty minutes for tea breaks and multiplied by five. The only ambiguity for some office workers was if to include their commute time or not. For most people, today, the answer can be extremely difficult to calculate. (Now let’s immediately agree that, for most office employees, working today has got to be a lot more inspiring than it was in the 1950’s, or even up to the point where the short [...]


How would you reward a brilliant money saving idea?

With the recent story of a UK delivery driver’s 1.5MEUR per year cost saving idea being rewarded by a gift voucher worth little more than the price of a cup of coffee and a cake, one is left wondering what is the best way to reward genuine innovation? For a start, in the case of the delivery driver, it seems that the only reward he was hoping for was some genuine appreciation and the chance of getting a better job outside the confines of his lorry. One can only assume that had one of his senior management team improved the [...]


Top of my list: Integrity

Sometimes I am surprised by the fact that I have written so many blogs and yet when I put numbers on it; (+/-) once a week for ten years, it does not seem that long or even much of an achievement in the bigger scheme of things. However, whatever the motivation, I felt the self-indulgent need to share with you the fact that this is my 500th blog. It would be nice to put my output down to strength of character but perhaps my staying power is more fueled by a need for recognition and the never-ending search for truth? [...]


Sodas, snacks and fresh fruit

A colleague of mine joined a company that gave out free snacks and sodas in the afternoon and always had fresh fruit in the meeting rooms.  When he asked, “why do they do that?”  The answer was “because we value our employees”. A year later, the company’s growth figures were lower than expected and margins became under pressure.  One day the snacks and sodas were replaced by payable vending machines and the fruit was moved into the reception (for visitors only).  My colleague was forced to ask himself, “just how much did my employer value me really?” The problem was [...]


In my sixtieth year and still got a lot to learn!

I really didn’t think I could still get something so basic so wrong. After all, it happened just a few kilometers over the border. Even my lawyer knew about it and he hardly ever leaves his office! Every year I teach my change management students that if they need other people's support to achieve something important,  then they had better go and lobby them before raising it in a meeting. But this time, I kidded myself that this situation was different because it is an incredibly fast moving project and I would only be availble to help for a few [...]