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Is it worth the risk?

When people come to me with problems that can only be fixed by making serious changes, I often wonder if it’s really worth it. For some, life in business can be relatively easy, especially if they are lucky enough to be a critical player in a niche market. However, many companies are literally hanging on the edge, just about surviving. And for them the decision to risk everything by investing further or to admit defeat and give up is never easy. The first question I like to ask is ‘why?’ Why are you a director of your own business? What [...]

How conflicting behavioral styles can be very complementary

Team optimization is more than ever a popular business topic. Especially in times that hierarchical organizations are more and more becoming replaced by so called ‘holacratic’ or ‘somewhere in between’ business structures in which the power from the management hierarchy is reduced or removed and distributed across clear roles which can be executed autonomously. One of the proven key elements for creating productive teams is to join people with complementary behavioral styles: while one is attracted for defining goals/objectives, others prefer to creatively interact, go into more details or create a comfortable operational environment where employees/clients can feel happy. Such [...]