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It is commonly known that I am motor racing fan, and take a special interest in McLaren. In a recent post showing their financial results for 2016, I noticed that they are celebrating their fourth consecutive year of profitability with a record 3,286 McLarens sold in 2016 and a 70 percent increase of profit before tax. This is just six years after selling their first car! So, what have McLaren got that has allowed them to achieve these results? Clearly, they have a loyal and fast growing customer base but how? Up until recently, I was always a Porsche 911 [...]

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The new business buzzword in leadership coaching is ‘authenticity’. Apparently a great leader needs to be authentic.  It’s a good word when applied to a specific style of behaviour but it tells us very little. Authentic at work, authentic at home and authentic with friends. Authenticity is supposed to about ‘being yourself’. However, who are we? When I look back on my life, I don’t think I really knew who I was (certainly not in the work place) until I was in my late thirties. Finding oneself is much harder than many people think. I was speaking to a young [...]

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The coffee machine is not working properly

I spend a lot of my time in business trying to get people to see the advantage of truly working together. A conversation at the coffee machine the other week, summed up nicely where I think there is room for improvement. “The coffee machine is not working properly. The screen says the cup is full but when I remove it, it is barely more than a third full.” Said my disgruntled colleague. “What do you think the problem is?” I asked, knowing him to be an engineer by training. “It’s definitely a hardware problem, that’s obvious”. He said. “I am [...]

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Escape Rooms

You don’t need me to tell you that 2016 has been a year of enormous political change. And I do not think that on New Year’s Eve you want to be reminded of any of the new words and names that have captured our news headlines in the last twelve months? And all the while, when many of us have been looking inward trying to reconnect with some notion of freedom and independence, a new craze has emerged here in Belgium; It might appear insignificant in the global reasoning but I find it none the less worth mentioning in my [...]

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World beating excellence – ‘it’s a system not a mindset’

For me, the Olympic games is more about the taking part rather than the winning. However, that being said, one can only look at team GB’s medal results with absolute amazement. How can a country so small out-perform every other country in the world apart from the US?  It was not that long ago that ‘Team Great Britain’ used to be right down at the very bottom of the medal tables with only the odd hero, here and there proving themselves to be extraordinary.  Today Great Britain is even above Russia, China and Germany. So what’s changed? Unlike the ‘Leicester [...]

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