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Another new discovery?

I was a bit shocked yesterday to read the news that scientists have discovered a previously undetected human organ (apparently to be called the interstitium) just under the skin. It seems incredible that it wasn’t known before? Upon reading a number of articles this morning and speaking with a knowledgeable person on the topic, it appears that this revolutionary new discovery is not so new after all. (Although it does already have its own Instertitium/Wikkipedia page). I like discovering new knowledge, in fact my brain is constantly on the lookout for it.  But more often than not, when I sit [...]

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There was a big feeling of pride when I received my personal copy of a new book where my name is mentioned in the credits. It’s not like I feel the book would not have been there without me, but I’m very grateful that my name can go as a permanent endorsement for the content. I’m referring to Chagwa V1.0, the book from Jürgen Van Gorp about “Allowing Change, Agile and Waterfall Projects in the Organisation”. It explains how to combine different methodologies and shows that in the project-world, there is no one-size-fits-all. In my own career, I have already [...]

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Listen carefully, I will say this only once…

Next to my “daytime job”, I spend many of my weekends on a race circuit. Not as a driver but as the Race Director. My responsibility, amongst other things, is ensuring the safety on track and, like flight attendants before every flight, I also have to present the mandatory safety briefing. The 2017 race season has just started, so now everybody still pays attention. But I know that in a couple of races from now there will be drivers thinking “we’ve heard this all before, this is a waste of time.”  Often, these are the first people to make mistakes, [...]

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Good is the enemy of great

Imagine you’re walking along the beach and you see something sparkling in the sand. You bend down to pick it up and there in the palm of your hand is something that looks like a generously sized diamond. You put it carefully in your pocket and the next day you take it to an expert who says ‘I have good news for you, it’s real. What’s more it’s almost perfect, just the tiniest hint of an imperfection that holds it back from being priceless. If you’re thinking of selling it will fetch a good price, maybe a few thousand, who [...]

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Solve for X

When I was younger (yes, so much younger than today) I always loved mathematics. Those little rules were great tools to solve all possible problems, or at least, all the problems you got in class. Moving on to the university, I got to know Mr. Heisenberg and his theoretical physicist colleagues. It turned out that while I had been doing well with my mathematical formulas, from that moment on I could only reach good approximations. The hard “1 + 1 = 2” truth from before became a bit less obvious than before. Now, since more than 20 years, I have [...]

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