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SME Advisory & Coaching Services


We share our passion,experience and knowledge with entrepreneurs and SME’s, to develop and implement a winning strategy into profitable growth and sustainable value.


  • SMEs with ambitious long-term growth targets (organic growth / acquisitions)
  • SME’s, family businessess preparing a transfer of ownership
  • SMEs who need/want a breakthrough on a short term base to realize acute problems (turnaround, business recovery, …)


  • Results-oriented: focus on profitable growth
  • Value Driven: sustainable value creation
  • Advice, coaching, training and co-sourcing
  • Pragmatic, no-nonsense en hands-on
  • Tailored solutions
  • Access to best practices
  • Active knowledge transfer
  • Co-creation: co-operate with the entrepreneur and their team
  • Innovative and sustainable solutions
  • Shared values, share the same goals

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