What is the similarity between a ladies foot and a rubber duck?

Sometimes things that seem very different can have surprising similarities. Like the joke; what is the similarity between a ladies foot and a rubber duck? After completing a training on auditing information security (ISO27001) I found some surprising similarities with the Bayard Academy’s change management approach. Although the topics of security auditing and change management might seem very different, in both cases they are focused on stakeholder needs.  The success of a change project relies on understanding who the impacted parties are and what they need and expect.  When you know that you are able to give the stakeholders what [...]

Don’t wait to get invited to the party!

There are some that wait to be invited to parties, never taking the initiative to organise one themselves. And although it takes all kinds to make the world, in this time of Covid-19, I am worried about these people when they start in new jobs, either as employees or external freelancers. Getting into a company’s DNA can be tough at the best of times but today, working from home / in times of social distancing,  it can be really tough. At the beginning of every assignment there’s that ‘honeymoon’ period where you are new and people are nice to you [...]

How do we get our people back into the office?

After so long in lock-down, many companies are slowly going back to normal, and management teams are beginning to encourage their employees to return to their offices. But will they want to? Will employees try to hold on to working from home? There is a lot to say in favour of working at home: avoiding traffic jams, productivity and a better work-life balance. And are these advantages more important than face-to-face conversations? We've made an enormous transition: working from home, online meetings, digital signatures and approvals at a distance, in a couple of weeks it all became [...]

Organising and working from your home office

Many years ago, it must have been 1989, I started a job as a freelance researcher, working remotely from my home office. The technology was a lot different from now, but I had a boss that invested heavily in it and had eighty per cent of his staff working from their homes. Here are some points I found to have been essential to keep remote working up for such a length of time. Office and family Have a space for your office where you can work without being disturbed. Have the discipline to work the agreed amount of time within [...]

Social Distancing in a production environment

In this podcast: ‘How to keep our workforce safe while satisfying our clients, suppliers and shareholders.’ We examine the potential impact of social distancing in our production facilities and how to be sure our organisations can turn the challenges they face into some kind of competitive advantage. To help him explore this topic, our host Harley Lovegrove is joined by: Koen Libbrecht, Director Technical Services at Aleris Bérénice Crabs, Secretary General at Synergrid and ARGB Paul Bennington, Associate at The Bayard Partnership, with over 27 years experience in production in the automotive sector Oliver Tullet, [...]