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About Oliver Tulett

Oliver is a well-structured, pragmatic, happy and positive thinking Project Manager who integrates easily into groups and teams from all kinds of differing cultures, industries and backgrounds. He is result focused and is able to formulate effective strategies to obtain what is required. He is not afraid to take the lead when necessary and is also happy in a coaching or teaching role. Oliver is PMI certified and is fully versed in The Bayard Partnership’s ‘Applied Project’ and ‘Change Management’ methodologies. His specializations include IP security and fast track, complex project management assignments with a strong focus on people motivation and management.

Please don’t put me in a box

Millennials, Baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Z, Sloane Rangers, Yuppies, like it or not and… I do not, we have a need to put people in to boxes. I have had a varied career, including time in the Police and the Military, but I do not talk about myself as being, ‘ex-military’ or ‘ex-police’. Except for the odd blog here and there, I hardly ever mention it. Most of the people in my social and work circle, have no idea about my past, and any police or military history is more likely to be brought up in a conversation by [...]

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Why do we allow projects to fail?

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a programme director of a large IT company based in the UK. During the conversation, he asked me, “Why do Projects Fail?”, this is a question that I hear quite often, but before I gave my opinion, a little voice in my head said, “The question should be, why do we ALLOW projects to fail?” I believe there is a subtle but important difference here. By asking the question, “why do projects fail?”, it allows us to believe that a project has a mind of its own and distance ourselves from the [...]

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Doing what you love

It is commonly known that I am motor racing fan, and take a special interest in McLaren. In a recent post showing their financial results for 2016, I noticed that they are celebrating their fourth consecutive year of profitability with a record 3,286 McLarens sold in 2016 and a 70 percent increase of profit before tax. This is just six years after selling their first car! So, what have McLaren got that has allowed them to achieve these results? Clearly, they have a loyal and fast growing customer base but how? Up until recently, I was always a Porsche 911 [...]

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Predictability makes us vulnerable

I think no matter how much of an individual we like to think we are, we are all predictable. Our lives are so busy and perhaps even complicated, that we uncomplicate it with routine. Our predictability makes us vulnerable to being exploited and its actually harder than one might think, to not be predictable. Every person reading this blog will have, at some point, had to create and remember a password or a PIN, perhaps even several. IT security experts will tell us to never use the same password and to change them regularly. Banks especially advise us not to [...]

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Will you remember me for something else?

Recently, my wife posted on Facebook that she wasn’t feeling very well. She received a lot of support, wishing her a speedy recovery. To lighten the mood, I posted that I was feeling great! I then received a reply from one of her friends, “I expect a spotless kitchen, nothing in or around the sink, vacuumed, floor moped, tomorrow morning first thing school run, walk the dogs, work.. you know the drill”. This was a light-hearted response to my sarcastic comment. I replied, that I did all this anyway and the lady responded, “Great, you won’t have to be trained [...]

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