Meet any Bayard professional and you quickly recognise that you are in the presence of a person truly driven to make a difference, not only at their place of work but in their private lives too.

Bayard Associates are a very diverse group of individuals, sharing a number of core values, including openness, a ‘can do’ attitude, a sense of fun and a common belief that together we are stronger than one.

We are curious people, always interested in discovering new things and finding ways of doing things better. We love working with others but we like to be on our own too, from time to time. Working as freelance professionals, no one can own us and yet we are proud to associate ourselves with other like-minded individuals, under the flag of our group practice, The Bayard Partnership.

We are always looking to welcome highly skilled and experienced freelancers into our multi-disciplinary group.
If you are looking for inspiration and possibly a new challenge that might be stimulating than what you’re doing today, then let’s get in touch and talk about your future career plans.