After so long in lock-down, many companies are slowly going back to normal, and management teams are beginning to encourage their employees to return to their offices. But will they want to?

Will employees try to hold on to working from home? There is a lot to say in favour of working at home: avoiding traffic jams, productivity and a better work-life balance. And are these advantages more important than face-to-face conversations?

We’ve made an enormous transition: working from home, online meetings, digital signatures and approvals at a distance, in a couple of weeks it all became possible. To (partially) keep these processes, senior management teams will need to rethink thrust.

What are the consequences of this new normal and how will it affect the way we do our work?


  • Jürgen Schmied: Senior Program Director Airlines & Network Control Centres, DHL
  • Tineke Van Hooland, founder and CEO at Epic 10 & Deputy Secretary General at
  • Gert Vanleeuw, Technical Director at the Airbus / Proximus consortium
  • Jan Borghs, Partner at The Bayard Partnership bv
  • Cheyenne Goeminne, Junior Product Line Manager, Covestro AG
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