In this podcast: ‘How to keep our workforce safe while satisfying our clients, suppliers and shareholders.’ We examine the potential impact of social distancing in our production facilities and how to be sure our organisations can turn the challenges they face into some kind of competitive advantage.
To help him explore this topic, our host Harley Lovegrove is joined by:
  • Koen Libbrecht, Director Technical Services at Aleris
  • Bérénice Crabs, Secretary General at Synergrid and ARGB
  • Paul Bennington, Associate at The Bayard Partnership, with over 27 years experience in production in the automotive sector
  • Oliver Tullet, Managing Partner The Bayard Partnership UK, currently in the middle of a production improvement program
  • Hans Luts, Interim Manager and recent CEO of an international frozen food business
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This podcast is part of The Bayard Partnership CXO Academy program. An initiative where c-level executives join us to discuss important topics of the day.

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