Many years ago, it must have been 1989, I started a job as a freelance researcher, working remotely from my home office. The technology was a lot different from now, but I had a boss that invested heavily in it and had eighty per cent of his staff working from their homes. Here are some points I found to have been essential to keep remote working up for such a length of time.

Office and family

  • Have a space for your office where you can work without being disturbed.
  • Have the discipline to work the agreed amount of time within the timeframe given.
  • Realise that the people you work for can’t see you working, so make them feel that you remain professional when working remotely.

Information security

  • NDAs, GDPR, and common business etiquette require that information you are entrusted with is safely stored and kept from prying eyes. Have an easy to operate lock on your office door, allow for safe storage of your laptop, documents, storage media and other artefacts.
  • Stay up-to-date with technological developments. You need good stuff that aids your working, not disrupt it!


  • Cater for a comfortable desk; spacious and sturdy, no sharp edges, enough free space for your legs.
  • Choose a good chair.

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