Let me first of all reassure you: it is not a disease or a dangerous alien race.

I learned about the term when I first watched the TED talk of Emilie Wapnick and I noticed a link with one of my earlier blogs.

Emilie explains there is nothing wrong with not being (or not wanting to be) an expert in a single field. Like her, I have a very open mind, always eager to learn, always applying my previous experience to new environments.

Companies are often afraid to hire a multipotentialite. After all, HR usually puts a lot of time and effort in writing detailed job descriptions and they are counting on finding that ultimate expert who ticks all the boxes.

In contrast, the resume of a multipotentialite looks inconsistent to them, so they think this person will either not fit in or take too long to be really useful.

However, what many people do not know is that multipotentialites have three superpowers:

  1. Idea synthesis
  2. Rapid learning
  3. Adaptability

Because they forget about these three superpowers, too many recruiters miss out on finding the profiles that are really needed in our always faster changing world.


If you are a recruiter, or are looking for an additional person for your team, consider multipotentialites. Whatever your problem, industry or environment they can help!