It’s been several weeks since my last blog. This has been partly due to over work but also for personal reasons, with my attention focused inwards and elsewhere.

Last Saturday, my company, The Bayard Partnership had the great privilege to organise and sponsor the fourth ‘Young Belgian Talent’, classical music finals in Brussels.  As always, we had five amazing finalists, a packed audience, incredible music, and lots of fun.  The format is always the same, each musician is welcomed on stage after we have shown a video interview of them, telling something of who they are, and why they choose for a classical music career.

Felix, one of our young finalists told us of how he attended an important music festival in Denmark and how, during breaks in rehearsals, he managed to take time off down by the sea with his fellow musicians. He said it was ‘the perfect combination, playing music while being with friends’. When you couple the fact that his life ambition is to create moments of international peace by playing his cello to audiences all over the world, then then you can see why being a musician to him is the best job ever.

Now one can be cynical, one can say that it won’t last, but we can also accept that with his uniquely positive and outwardly friendly attitude to people and life, that it can and should.  Felix’ story got me thinking about the many people I know who are also happy in their work, those who spend their days, working with others with whom they get along. No matter if they are running giant multi-nationals in Germany, or making cakes in their kitchen in Leeds, there are those who have found the perfect job for them.  With the Christmas holidays coming ever nearer, now is a good a time as ever for me to double check to see if I too am filling my days in the best possible way, if the work I dedicate my time to is the perfect job for me. On days like this, I like to think it is but I know that there are ways to tweak and tune it further.

Have a good week,